The Circle of Impact

A preeminent donor community.

The Circle of Impact

Growing Home is pleased to introduce the Circle of Impact, providing our most loyal supporters the opportunity to make a deeper connection with—and contribution to—Growing Home’s mission.  Members are invited to participate in exclusive events and engagement opportunities that provide unique access to interact with those we serve, our leadership, and our community.

For more information on the Circle of Impact, please contact Marlene Ceja, Director of Development at or (708) 890-5896.

Thank you to our 2020 Circle of Impact Members! Be on the lookout for your Growing Home special gifts coming in the mail and/or delivered.  As well, stay up-to-date on all things Growing Home on this site. For now, make sure you’ve seen the Welcome Video from our Leadership Team!


Emmy and Steve Stanley

Sustainers | $25,000-$49,999


Scholarship Supporters | $12,500-$24,999

Jana French and Peter Gotsch
Rebecca and Daniel Kaplan
Carmella Barrett-Perry and Lamorris Perry
Laura Tilly and Derek Cottier

Harvesters | $5,000-$12,499

Barbara Wallace and Tom Wolfe
Diana Leifer
Doug and Jessie MacDonald
Jeffrey Imberman
Joe Niemiec
Judith Aronson and Marc Hilton
Kevin Swan and Venous Shabahang
Lynn Sheck
Marny and Matthew Zimmer
Marty Eckstein and Carol Bernstein
Pascale and Thomas Kichler
Sara and Russell Foszcz
Scott Leff
Seth and Dorothy Hemming

Cultivators | $1,000-$4,999

Alita Carbone and Deborah Mead
Beth Woods
Betsy Gates-Alford and Peter Alford
Brittany Leonor
Carlton Guthrie
Carolyn Ulrich
Cindy Yule
Connie Scott
Elizabeth Reeves
Eric Eisenberg
Foster Dale and Janet Silverberg
Freddi Greenberg and Daniel Pinkert
Hal Rees, Emily Culbertson and Harold Rees
Helen and Michael Arkes
James Levinson
Jeffrey and Elaine Soble
Jeffrey and Jeff Yurkanin
Jenna Swisher
Jenni Suvari
Jennifer Ballard Croft
Jennifer Tengelsen
Joan Rothenberg and Ken Walchak
John Salvino
Julia and Mark Gerstein
Karen and Bob Lewis
Karl and Meg Eifrig
Kate Van Dyke
Kathryn Le Boeuf and Robert Sheehan
Kristi McCoy
Kyle Gould
Mark and Betsi Schumacher
Mark Bourdenko and Madeline Wolfe
Matt Cafaro
Michael Calcagno and Paul Mittleman
Oluade Ajayi
Pam and Mark Kendall
PanAmerican Seed Company
Peter Landon
Scott and Sue Anderson
Sharon Oberlander
Susan Morrison
Ted and Maura Kennedy