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The Circle of Impact

A preeminent donor community.

The Circle of Impact

Growing Home is pleased to introduce our 2024 Circle of Impact members. This year, we invite our most loyal supporters from 2023 the opportunity to make a deeper connection with us in 2023. Members are invited to participate in exclusive events and engagement opportunities that provide unique access to interact with those we serve, our leadership, and our community.

For more information on the Circle of Impact, please contact Janelle St. John, Executive Director at jstjohn@growinghomeinc.org or (773) 549-1336. Thank you to our Circle of Impact Members listed below!

Thank you to our 2024 Circle of Impact members!

Sustainers | $25,000-$49,999

Steve and Emmy Stanley
Mr. B Fund

Scholarship Supporters | $12,500-$24,999

Jana French and Peter Gotsch
Marty Eckstein and Carol Bernstein

Harvesters | $5,000-$12,499

Elizabeth Powers
Howard and Jane Tiffen
Laura Tilly and Derek Cottier
Lynn Sheck
Norman Jeddeloh and Mario Lopez
Scott Leff
Seth and Dorothy Hemming
Thomas and Pascale Kichler
William and Irene Beck

Cultivators | $1,000-$4,999

Amanda Gettes
Betsy Gates-Alford and Peter Alford
Bob and Karen Lewis
Brittany Hughes
Connie Green
Connie Scott
Cooper Foszcz
Dan and Rebecca Kaplan
Daniel Conway
Deborah Mead
Dominick and Courtney Cannata
Doug and Jessie MacDonald
Ebony Lucas
Eric Frey and Michelle Hartnett
Foster Dale and Janet Silverberg
Hal Rees, Emily Culbertson and Harold Rees
Heather Aeschleman
Helen and Michael Arkes
Jacob Rassner
Jamie Rehm
Javier Rodriguez-Martin
Jeffrey and Elaine Soble
Joan Rothenberg and Ken Walchak
Johanna Pistell
Joseph Appelt
Joseph moos
Karl and Meg Eifrig
Kent Truckor
Kevin Ogorzalek
Kevin Swan and Venous Shabahang
Marie and David Dickson
Mary Ann George
Mekala Moore
Micheál Newman-Brooks and Jonathan Brooks
Michelle Gittler and Lee Francis
Natalie Naczas
Perry Gunn
Rachel Morris
Rashanah Baldwin
Ronald Nierzwicki
Ryan and Casey Harris
Sara Jo Schwartz and Nick Van Zanten
Sarah Gourevitch
Scott and Sue Anderson
Sharon Oberlander
Stephen Gates
Stewart Weiss and Teresa Gale
Taeyun Kim
Teri Engler

Circle of Impact Member Benefits

Cultivators ($1000-$4999)

Growing Home Recipe Book, Farm Tour Experience, Coffee & Conversation with Executive Director, Invitation to COI Appreciation & Volunteer Day on Farm, Invitation to All Cohort Graduations, COI Newsletter

Harvesters ($5000-12,499)

All of the above plus Growing Home-Themed Special Gift

Scholarship Supporters ($12,500-$24,999)

All of the above plus Special Stories from Employment Training participant(s), Special Delivery of Growing Home Produce Package

Sustainers ($25,000-$49,999)

All of the above plus a Growing Home Tabletop Garden

Les Brown Founders Circle ($50,000 and above)

All of the above plus a Special Growing Home Gift, A Graduation named in your honor or your family’s, Invitation to address cohort during graduation