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Welcome to Growing Home’s Computer & Job Resource Center site!

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About the Resource Center

Growing Home, Inc. provides its residents with access to a popular, state-of-the-art Computer Resources Center that is strategically located and easy to reach – and free! The center is a valued resource for students to conduct research, adult residents to prepare resumes and search for jobs online, and for senior citizens to have access to the Internet.

The multi-function center is used by college students, job seekers and seniors alike who gain instruction and training ranging from basic computer use to job searches and how to write a resume. The Computer Resource Center, which also provides other services that make it a multi-purpose resource center, is located at 5814 S. Wood Street at Growing Home’s Urban Farm & Training Center.

About the IT-Training Program

Growing Home’s current 8-week Information Technology (IT) Essentials Training Program consists of in-person training Monday through Wednesday from 9am-12pm for a total of 72 hours per program.  Growing Home serves up to 40 participants, in four cohorts of 10 students which allows for close one-on-one attention. Participants in the training program are provided a stipend of $600 as well as a stipend for transportation to and from Growing Home’s Computer and Job Resource Center, located in West Englewood, Chicago, where the training takes place. Trainees learn the first basics of Cisco-IT Essentials, as outlined in the curriculum guide attached, which includes Intro to Computer Basics (Hardware, Software design and configuration); Common IT Support Issues and the Problem Solving Process; Computer Networking, Security and Remote desktop troubleshooting.  These skills are necessary for entry level IT Sector Jobs and Growing Home provides job placement and case management services for all students to find that next – or first – step in their IT career. Learning practices include lab activities, assessments and communication training. 

To learn more about the IT-Training Program and Curriculum, please click here.